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Run your restaurant's own loyalty program

Say goodbye to plastic cards, complex smartphone apps, or separate loyalty systems. With Sapaad Loyalty, your customers earn, keep track of, and redeem loyalty with incredible ease.

Instant Setup

Starting a loyalty program at your restaurant has never been easier! You don’t need a separate loyalty system or complex configurations and messy formulas. Sapaad Loyalty is simple to use and seamlessly integrates with Sapaad POS; set it up with a single click!

Customer Friendly!

Your customers can say goodbye to stamps and swipes! All they need to enroll and start earning loyalty is a mobile number — no need to fill lengthy forms, carry plastic cards, or download a separate loyalty app. Sapaad Loyalty is incredibly simple and straightforward.

Fun. Easy. Effective.

Once a customer joins your loyalty program, they automatically earn loyalty on every order. Their earnings are printed on every bill, which they can also opt to receive by email. It’s practical and painless for both you and your customers.